What We Do

Talent Search and Recruitment for The Insurance Industry in North America

We think it’s important for you to understand not only what we do, but also how we do it. There are several firms that provide recruitment and executive search services for the insurance industry. Many are large global firms that have several practice areas. Others are small one or two person shops that specialize in insurance recruiting but may lack in structure and process due to limited resources.

Clients have told us what’s most important to them when deciding which search firm to work with. Surveys highlight some of the most important metrics clients use to evaluate potential search firm partners as:

  • A clearly defined search process that crystallizes what client expectations should be at each stage
  • Transparency and access to search progress information
  • Quality of marketplace information
  • Accessibility of consultants and speed of reaction
  • Quality of assessments
  • Depth and breadth of referencing

To address these key criteria, in this section of the website we thought it would be helpful to outline our executive search process in some detail, describe some unique aspects of our talent search process for other insurance industry positions and provide details on the executive candidate assessment process and tools we employ.

To contact us, we invite you to call us toll free at 1-877-868-6711, email us at info@dgacareers.com or fill out this form for more information.