Insurance Recruiters in The Industry

Sometimes, it makes sense to pay for services once the recruitment process is complete and your new hire is on board. Contingency recruiting is particularly appropriate for insurance industry companies looking to fill intermediate level management positions on a non-confidential basis. With this model, you pay for performance, once your new employee is in place.

Insurance Industry Network

When you have a need to fill an open position quickly, DGA can respond. Since we are in touch with literally hundreds of insurance industry candidates every week, we do not need to spend valuable time researching the industry. We possess an unparalleled national network of industry talent, due to our “insider” status as former senior industry managers and executives. We already know who the key players are, and we constantly identify savvy “hidden” candidates who may not be actively seeking a new position. Our singular focus on the insurance industry enables us to present you with quality candidates who match your specific hiring criteria, with unprecedented speed.

There are some other key advantages of partnering with DGA Careers for your insurance industry recruitment needs:

DGA’s Candidate Screening Process

DGA’s employs a unique vetting process. Our associates spend 100% of their time meeting and talking to insurance industry candidates, which is very unusual in the recruiting industry, and allows us to reach more passive candidates. Senior account managers at DGA, who have worked in the insurance industry and fully understand our clients’ hiring criteria, thoroughly scrutinize and pre-qualify all candidates before presenting them for your consideration. Our insight into your business, our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, and our candidate screening process enables us to source a few select candidates who are well suited for your open position, on all levels. We know how valuable your time is and don’t want to waste it sending you candidates who would not be a fit.

Onboarding Support for Clients and Candidates

After your new hire is in place, we follow up with you by telephone and with an electronic survey to get your feedback on your experience working with DGA Careers and our search and recruitment process. Your feedback is invaluable to ensuring that we provide the type of service and attention that you expect and deserve. It is important for us to evaluate our performance using metrics you consider to be most important and we commit to using your input to set goals and action plans for continuous improvement.

We care about the candidates we place and want to help them transition successfully into their new role at your organization. As the owner of a large regional brokerage firm said, “We know DGA offers great support and guidance to each of their candidates, this has been a massive benefit post-hiring as candidates settle into a new career. A combination of industry knowledge, service commitment and in particular, mentoring of young candidates has resulted in a marked improvement in employee retention.”

To learn more about our insurance industry recruitment process, we invite you to call us toll free at 1-877-868-6711, email us at or fill out this form for more information.