Insurance Executive Candidate Assessment Process

The best hiring decisions are made balancing considerable practical experience and highly evolved intuition with a detailed, scientific evaluation of the candidate. For retained searches, DGA uses a variety of assessment tools, amongst the best in the world, in order to provide a comprehensive, complete view of the insurance executive candidate and their fit with the position and organization.

Our consultants work with clients to provide accurate evaluations of senior executives, providing the insights needed to ensure the right executives are selected.

  • Our multi-pronged assessment of senior executives is an accurate predictor of leadership success; as a result we are able to provide detailed information about executive strengths, limitations and risks.
  • We combine an evaluation of business and functional competencies and rigorous referencing with our use of profile analysis testing conducted by a recognized insurance industry leader.
  • As a leader in insurance recruitment, we have long-standing relationships with, and knowledge of, top insurance talent and unparalleled insight into the qualities necessary for exceptional leadership in the industry.

A former insurance industry CEO spearheads the candidate testing used by DGA; providing us with insightful, independent evaluations of insurance executive talent based on an extensive first-hand understanding of industry leadership requirements.

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