DGA Executive Search Process

We employ a detailed nine stage recruiting process for retained executive searches.

Stage 6: Finalist Candidate Verification

Once a finalist candidate has been identified, we notify that candidate of your intent to move ahead to an offer pending reference checks. We request a list of at least 6 references we may contact from the candidate, typically asking for at least one past or current superior, one past or current subordinate, one colleague from within the candidate’s organization and one external colleague. We provide you with a consolidated written reference summary report.

    For the finalist candidate in executive searches DGA provides thorough reference checks of:
  • past immediate managers;
  • subordinates (direct reports); and
  • colleagues

For retained searches, DGA uses a variety of assessment tools, amongst the best in the world, in order to provide a comprehensive, complete view of the candidate.

Of course, DGA provides credit checks, criminal checks and education verification through expert third parties.

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