DGA Executive Search Process

We employ a detailed nine stage recruiting process for retained executive searches.

Stage 1: Prepare for the Search

We begin by meeting with the Selection Committee at your organization to gain an understanding of your structure and culture, and expectations for the position. We interview our clients to fully understand their expectations and the demands of the position, highlighting specific areas of opportunity for the prospective new hire. At this initial meeting, we also identify challenges for the search and agree on the search strategy.

Using our experience and based on in-depth discussions with any appropriate stakeholders, we draft:

  • A “Position Profile” document, describing the organization, the position’s responsibilities and scope, and the general qualifications required to fill the position. This document is the primary information piece distributed to individuals who are interested in the position. It will contain the key attributes of the role required to attract the top candidates.
  • A “Competencies Profile”, listing the professional, technical, and working style competencies required.

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