The Power of Mentoring for Insurance Industry Candidates

Published on Mar. 19, 2015

As an executive search and recruitment firm focused exclusively on the insurance industry, many of DGA’s team members have deep and successful insurance industry backgrounds. Many of us have run, managed and built very large insurance organizations. It is this specific experience that provides DGA with a unique position within the insurance recruiting business. Like all true mentors in life and business, we love sharing our experiences and helping others fast track through the industry.

What is mentoring?

Mentorship is widely shared and gaining momentum in our business today. Recently touted as one of the most instrumental reasons for engaging and retaining valuable employees, mentorship is often cited by workplace experts as the key for attracting true professionals into the upper echelons of our Insurance industry. As an organization we provide assistance and coaching to those looking for advice and a way to negotiate effectively into today’s business environment.

But what is mentoring, exactly? The definition is fluid and without a standard description. Every friendship has its unique qualities, so does mentorship. Mentorship relationships can be more intimate than those with a role model. You can admire a role model from a distance. A mentor, in comparison, is an active participant in your professional and personal worlds. They use their own experience to provide knowledge, support, guidance and resources. Mentors provide mentees with the sense of being valued, and worthy of their investment of time. It’s a confidence builder. It’s a larger connection to life!

What to look for in a mentor

Mentees should choose a mentor they respect and relate to on both personal and professional levels. Don’t pick a mentor simply because they have been successful in their career. Find a relationship that is in harmony with your values and personality. When you want to progress in business, finding a trusted and respected mentor is essential. An available and compassionate mentor can help you to sharpen your skills and avoid common pitfalls. Developing a strong mentor/mentee relationship is a way to find positive methods and tactics to effectively build a meaningful career. The benefits go well beyond just career advancement: a mentor can help you develop skills and find a fresh perspective, leading to positive effects spilling over into all aspects of your life.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s becoming more common practice within Insurance. While it does not guarantee success, it provides the basic foundation towards navigating effectively in business. It’s also important for mentees to realize that they too offer a benefit to the mentor. It’s not a one-sided relationship at all. Experienced professionals love to give back to those looking for assistance. True leaders understand the value of being of service to others. It energizes the mentor and helps to reinvigorate their life and career too. A true mentor considers it an honour to help others!

Therefore, look around you and find the leader you admire most. Let them know your goals and aspirations. Dream big and share openly. Develop a trusting relationship and be open and receptive to the advice provided. It is a reciprocal relationship. What you put into it, you shall receive in return. The world is your oyster.

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