Reasons to Stay Motivated at Work

Publié le 26 juin 2013

Did you ever do anything that did not have a specific purpose, in other words, doing something for the sake of doing it? As humans, it’s not in our nature to engage in activities that serve no purpose or gain such as money, reputation, personal growth, etc. If we did, then we’d all be robots.

The same idea applies to unmotivated workers who are unlikely to perform duties in which they feel serve no purpose or personal gain for themselves. In 2012, employee disengagement took a toll on 67% of Canadian employees according to the Global Workforce Study by Towers Watson. Employee disengagement which can be associated with demotivation can, ultimately, result in poor work performance, lack of initiative, and an overall decline in personal and career growth.

If you’re feeling down, unmotivated, and even indifferent about your work, consider these common motivational boosters to keep you on your toes:

1. Passion

Now more than ever, people are sacrificing high-paying jobs in order to pursue opportunities that fuel their passion. Individuals are partaking in an initiative to follow their dreams as an incentive to remain motivated and produce high-quality work. To borrow the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, “In doing something, do it with love or never do it at all.” The more passionate you are about your job, the more likely you are to prosper and remain motivated in your work.

2. Self-fulfillment

Self-fulfillment, like passion, is becoming a fundamental motivator for employee engagement. Motivated individuals who value and work for the greater good of a cause, initiative, company, etc. are those who work to fulfill our so-called intrinsic purpose in life. Working hard and being acknowledged for our efforts through rewards, employee recognition, etc. makes us feel that our involvement is crucial to the company’s success.

3. Prestige

In a world obsessed with how we are perceived by others (no matter how much we’d like to think otherwise), we are constantly shaping our image in order to gain respect, recognition, and encouragement for our achievements. Developing a meaningful reputation can grant you access to unlimited resources including networking and job opportunities, and prestige in your field of expertise.

4. Monetary Gain

Although it is not recommended to work solely for monetary gain, money is an excellent extrinsic motivator for employee engagement. The paycheque we receive at each pay period supports our consumer-driven lifestyles and our fundamental needs including food, clothing, and shelter. People rely heavily on income, particularly those who support themselves and/or a family. Our salaries are not only a source of income, but a foundation of security.

If you still feel demotivated after considering these common motivators, it may be time to revaluate your job. You need to question what is preventing you from progressing such as a micro-managing boss, work politics, disinterest in your work, etc. Once you can identify what is hindering your progress, draw some possible solutions and actively commit yourself to change your circumstances. Ask yourself what work you need to do that is self-fulfilling and will feed your passion while maintaining financial security. Remember, you steer your own ship and not the other way around.

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