DGA Executive Search Process

We employ a detailed nine stage recruiting process for retained executive searches.

Stage 5: Guide & Support Selection Committee

Prior to the interview day we will provide a briefing for the Selection Committee. We discuss your expectations for the interviews, the slate of candidates, and how the interviews can be most effectively conducted. If a panel interview format is chosen for the first round of interviews, if requested, the DGA search consultant will attend to facilitate the session and an end-of-day debrief.

Finally, after each interview, we circle back with our client providing candidate post-interview thoughts and impressions. Second interviews with appropriate candidates are scheduled by DGA and are then typically conducted by select members of the Selection Committee.

A candidate rationale document is requested from each finalist candidate. Completed by the finalist candidates, this provides our clients with the insight into how each candidate conducts and presents on paper and provides the candidates with a voice in the short list process. Finalists are given a list of pre-approved thought-provoking questions designed to encourage their candour.

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