DGA Executive Search Process

We employ a detailed nine stage recruiting process for retained executive searches.

Stage 4: Presentation of Short-Listed Candidates

We discuss the long list of candidates identified with the Selection Committee to determine those who will move forward to the next stage of screening. Once we have identified a short list of qualified candidates who meet the position profile, DGA holds a consultation call with a designated member of the Selection Committee, to summarize candidate profiles and determine the candidates your organization wishes to see.

DGA delivers a comprehensive recruitment package to all stakeholders including: Details of interview date, times, and location; relevant interview questions that those interviewing may wish to draw on; as well as a resume and narrative profile for each short-listed candidate. We openly communicate each candidate’s level of interest, his/her motivation, and any concerns we have uncovered, so that we can work together to determine the best course of action.

For the final slate of candidates, we provide a comprehensive “candidate summary” report, including degree and certification verification and a recommended course of action for each finalist. Interviews are then scheduled.

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