DGA Executive Search Process

We employ a detailed nine stage recruiting process for retained executive searches.

Stage 2: Build the Candidate Pool

    During this stage we use several tactics to identify and recruit quality candidates, including:
  • Consulting with industry leaders and other referral sources within our broad network.
  • Tapping our own network of prospective candidates, acquired from our long-standing and active involvement in the insurance industry.
  • Sourcing and alerting prospects from our expansive national database;
  • Using social networking tools such as LinkedIn and InsuranceWorks; as well as identifying professional organizations associated with target candidates and utilizing appropriate recruiting tactics.
  • Direct sourcing of high potential candidates matching Selection Committee criteria.
  • Advertising on communication channels appropriate to target candidates.

Once a target list of candidates is created, we initiate the recruiting segment of the search, and through each direct recruiting call we assess the candidate’s skill set and personality. A typical search includes identifying all relevant potential candidates, interviewing those with all or most of the required skills, and developing a final select slate of top candidates.

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