Reinvent Your Job Search With 4 Strategic Moves

Published on Feb. 27, 2014

You’ve updated your resume, tailored your cover letter, and brushed up on your interviewing techniques. You’ve also been diligent in taking advantage of search engines to apply to jobs of interest. Although these steps are fundamental in a job search, there are other important parts of your search that you may or may not realize can significantly enhance your end results.

Below are 4 strategies you should incorporate in every job search:

1. Make a Lasting First Impression

It goes without saying; the first impression you give any potential employer could make or break you. Although you should aim to make a lasting impression during an interview by being polished, presentable, and punctual, it is just as important to have a respectable digital image. In other words, you need to evaluate your social media profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Are your social media profiles up to date? Do you have a good quality image for your LinkedIn profile picture? Are any of your profiles open to the public and contain “inappropriate” content? By cleaning up your social profiles, you are one step closer to leaving a positive impression on prospective employers. (For additional tips on social media presentation, check out our article on Social Media: Modern Day Background Check).

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2. Sell Yourself

Do not be like every other candidate because it is hard to compete with someone just like you. Set yourself apart from the rest of the pack. Do you have a unique skill set, volunteer experience, or software knowledge that may not be common for most people with your experience and education? If yes, include it on your resume! Unlock and expose your full human potential. In doing so, you are one step closer to attaining your dream job against your competition.

3. Network, Network, Network!

Tap into the hidden job market through networking! Whether it is on online discussion boards, catching up with former colleagues, or approaching a professional you’ve never met before, always wear your networking hat by being an active professional who is attentive and committed to growing your relationships. When the perfect opportunity is introduced to your connections, you want them to keep you in mind and identify you as a prospect in the referral process. Your connections could hold the key to your success – it’s only fair that you make every effort to nurture your relationships and reciprocate in any way that you can.

4. Be Practical

One of the most vital processes in your job search is being “real” with yourself. Be realistic in your approach and ambitions. You may want to apply to a challenging position, but you need to evaluate whether you can bring the necessary skill set and knowledge to excel in the role. By being honest with yourself, you are saving yourself (and your future employer) from a potential, negative work experience due to lack of training, experience, etc. Also, by being realistic with your job search, you are targeting and limiting yourself to roles that are an ideal fit for your expertise. This in turn, will save you time in your job search to focus on jobs for which you qualify and, ultimately, ensuring a productive job search.

A refined job search process is just as essential as your resume and interview skills to land your dream job. As candidates of the digital age, we must recognize the importance of first impressions we give prospective employers, particularly through how we present ourselves on social media platforms. We also need to differentiate ourselves from our counterparts and network on a daily basis to attain the best results from our search. Lastly, cut through the clutter by being realistic with your job goals and expectations, and you will find yourself reaping abundant benefits from a narrowed search. Overall, jobseekers need to be proactive and have a strategic plan to tackle a competitive job market.

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